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Looking to enhance your home or office with something elegant and beautiful? A vibrant aquarium filled with colorful fish and sea life can create the ultimate focal point for your living space, providing an atmosphere that is both subtle and striking. America Aquaria, just outside Milwaukee, provides the best in aquaculture services, including aquarium maintenance, custom aquariums and a tropical fish store with aquarium fish in Brookfield, WI. We bring your ideal underwater ecosystem right to your living room or office. 

We cater to hobbyists and new fish friends alike, and our trained experts are always on hand to answer your questions, get you started on a tank, or simply to engage in dialogue about aquariums, fish, and maintenance. You receive more than a beautiful aquarium and a superior selection of freshwater fish and saltwater fish. You receive the luxury of full-service aquarium maintenance provided by our professional technicians, who make regularly scheduled visits to maintain your aquatic system. You will also find our professionals in our Brookfield Tropical Fish Store. They are waiting to assist you, whether you want to add specialty fish to your tank or are looking to design your own custom aquarium.

Our aquarium professionals will walk you through every step of the process: designing your custom aquarium, installation, and maintenance. Call us at today or visit our showroom in Brookfield to set up your free consultation.


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