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For decades, many homeowners were forced to choose between form or function… and most homeowners went with the functionality and affordability of asphalt roofing. But now, with modern technology, gone are the days of having to choose… now you can have form and function. 

Metal Roofing Systems are no longer the clunky, ugly roofs of yesteryear. With today's modern technology, you can get a metal roofing system in practically any color or style you want. But not only do these metal roofing systems look absolutely stunning, but they also last practically forever. We offer several types of metal roofs: Rustic, Oxford, Country Manor Shake, Clicklock 15, IB Flat, and Centura. Each style is built to last long and look stunning. 

Our team of roofers are highly trained and highly experienced professionals. We never cut corners, and we never accept marginal work. In fact, we've been known to rip out entire sections of roofing and start over if we find a problem. 

​Our showroom makes it easy for you to look at the many possibilities of styles and colors at your convenience.​ Call us today to begin working on your metal roof or stop by our showroom, in Brookfield or Madison, to view some of our samples. We offer free quotes!​​​

 Types of Metal Roofs​​

  • Rustic Shingle
  • Oxford Shingle
  • Country Manor Shake (Madison)