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     At Milwaukee Working contractors, builders, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and other organizations graciously donate their unused building materials to us.  We then sort and price these materials and display them in a clean, neat, visible and accessible way for Milwaukee's residential property owners or non-profit organizations located in Milwaukee's Community Development Block Grant Neighborhoods. 

      Thanks to generous donations that we receive we are able to offer all products for approximately 75% off of regular retail.  This administrative fee helps to cover the overhead costs of running our non-profit organization.  We are committed to providing quality home improvement materials and accept only donations of new or unused product.  We turn down donations that are not up to our standards. 

      Our members deserve the best and that is just what they get at Milwaukee Working!  We get a wide variety of constantly changing home improvement products.  We carry all major products such as doors, windows, paint, sinks, bathtubs, flooring and cabinetry.  Our inventory is always expanding so please visit us to see what we have to offer for your qualifying project or to donate!

Milwaukee Working

2233 N. 30th Street

Milwaukee, WI  53208